The Aadha Chand or the Half Moon series is a peice of work very close to my heart. One of my photographs from the Zikr – e – 1857 aur Ghalib was given the name Aadha Chand by Ms. Bharti Dang. It has inspired me to shoot a series of photos of different artists where half of the face is covered. The remaining half is unedited or less edited as the moon would be.

STUDIO SHOT | Riddhi Mehar

Another feather to my Aadha Chand | Half Moon Series with the beautiful Marathi mulgi from Nagpur, Riddhi Mehar. A very simple, down to earth and fun loving girl. Although she was not well, I pushed her to do the shoot today and at the end it turned out well!

STUDIO SHOT | Suman Rangta

Suman Rangta has always been one of my favourite models. She always believes in doing spontaneous shoots and has nothing planned. But is comes out good in the end.

KHALWAT – E – ISHQ | Aditi Bhardwaj

The first Aadha Chand shot during the Zikr – e – 1857 aur Ghalib | Khalwat – e – Ishq by Shri Partha Mandal. The artist in the photograph is Ms. Aditi Bhardwaj. The name Aadha Chand for this shot was given by Ms. Bharti Dang

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